Good Evening My Dear

Good Evening My Dear
Good Evening My Dear

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A nice quote n the fact... Closest relationship in the world, Have fought more battle than the enemies. So, keep fighting with loved one. Gud evng…

Friendship is not always surrounded by many of people. It is for best heart person who cares you and helps you. Good evening…

"No one has ever loved anyone the way everyone wants to be loved.."" Think deeply, you'll feel it...!! Gud evenin !"

Give laugh to all but smile to ONE. Give love to all but heart to ONE. Give life to all but live for ONE. Have a cool evening!

Your smile is important to make your day success, Smile and work, success is yours.

Happiness cannot be far behind a grateful heart and a peaceful mind. Good evening!

Always be there for the people who matter the most to your — Good Evening

"Fact Of Life -
""Poor Man Runs For His Daily Food, While A Rich Man Runs 2 Digest His Daily Food"".
What A World.... ! Good Evening... !!"

Evenings come to separate the harsh daily work of the mornings and the deep silent darkness of the night. Trust you had a good day my love. ― Good Evening

Memories are crazy at times, It makes us feel lonely in the crowd But when alone it makes us we are in the crowd I miss you