Good Night Love

Good Night Love
Good Night Love

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Good Night SMS

"NighT is SilenT,
NighT is SweeT,
NighT is Calm,
NighT is QuieT..
ßut Night is not compleTe
Without Wishing U Go_oD nighT"

"Diffrnce btwn horror nd beautiful night..
A beautiful night is when u hug ur teddy bear nd sleep,
But horror is when
it hugs u back !! Good Night !"

"Forget the things that make you sad;
Remember the moments that make you glad;
Forget the troubles that passed away;
Accept the blessings that comes your way.
Good night! Sweet Dreams Dear......sweet good night quotes"

"The Most Sweetest Relation In World Is pillow
Bcoz Wen U R Tired U Relax On It.
Wen U R Sad U Drop Tears On It.
Wen U R Angry U Punch It.
Wen U R Happy U Hug It
Now That Pillow Is Waiting 4 U
..So Go To Bed
Lovely Nite..;-:-*
Lovable Dreamzzz.
Good Night. || Good night sms ||"

"Ur dream determines Ur goals,
Ur goals map out Ur actions,
Ur actions create results,
And the results bring u success.!
Good Nite my Friend have a nice dreams"

"WAIT......dnt sleep

( 'o' )
( ,>@<, )

let me pray
( ,(""), )

Dear GOD
plz let my frnd
fall from the bed 2nite
Sweet dreams"

"Evry Tym Sàme
Iàm Bord !
Lét It B Dfrnt
Dis Tym !
Lét Devils Guàrd U
Mumis Dànce Around U
Vmpires Kiss U
Hv A Horibl Ni8
Ghost Ni8 …"

"Cool Cool Night Me,
Small Small Room Me,
Very Small Window K Bahar,
Bright Bright Star Ko Dekhte Hue,
Aap Sweet Sweet Sapno Me Kho Jayiye.
""Good Night"".."

"Last nyt i hugged my pillow & dream of u
I wish that someday i'd dream about my pillow
I'd be hugging U
GuD NyT"

:::::Ö:::::D D
___/, \___
\ . /

Sweet Dreams || Good night sms ||"