Thank You My Sweetheart

Thank You My Sweetheart
Thank You My Sweetheart

Tags: Thank You My Sweetheart 

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Thank You SMS

Thank you for being with me in every crisis.

Thank you for everything you have done and know that you are loved by all of us.

Saying thank you hardly seems enough after all you have done for us.

Kindly receive my infinite gratitude for accepting my faults as part of my being. For your sincerity, thank you.

I like you because you’re weird and we’re weird together! Thanks for being an awesome friend.

Please accept my thanks for all that you have done to help us. We appreciate you.

Your friendship means the world to me. Just wanted to let you know.

My heartfelt thanks to you for being there during my time of need. My love to you and yours.

The most invaluable asset I have is a gift of your friendship. Your friendship has rewarded me with love, understanding, and support; thank you.

Thank you for your love and well wishes. They are greatly appreciated